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Drop Dead Records

Project Type: Professional Development / Role: Concept Graphic & Web Designer

Drop Dead Records is a conceptual record label that describes itself as follows, Born out of New Yok, NY in 2016, Drop Dead Records sets the pace for independent music and community. Drop Dead Records is a conceptual record label that describes itself as follows, Born out of New Yok, NY in 2016, Drop Dead Records sets the pace for independent music and community. Representing DIY values, integrity, and family from day one, the label evolved from a dorm room creative hub into a trusted voice in EDM, hip hop, and alternative rock styles.

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Pasta Amore

Project Type: Educational - Desktop Publishing / Role: University Student

Pasta Amore is a first rate, no fuss, Italian restaurant chain that prides themselves on the quality of their product and a welcoming atmosphere for their patrons. It also happens to be the subject of my final project submission for my Desktop Publishing course.

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Paws & Claws
Holistic Animal Clinic

Project Type: Educational - Media Communications / Role: University Student

Paws & Claws Holistic Animal Clinic, a small organization located in the eastern US, is dedicated to the delivery of effective and harm free veterinary care by employing the use of remedies and treatments that are derived from natural sources.

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Amethyst Bay Resort & Spa

Project Type: Educational - Digital Imaging Role: University Student

Amethyst Bay was an educational project submitted as my final for basic digital imaging. Amethyst Bay is a newly established luxury resort and spa that seeks to strengthen their customer base through an aggressive ad campaign in both web and print formats.

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Rise & Shine Coffee House

Project Type: Professional Development / Role: Concept Graphic Designer

Rise & Shine Coffee House is one of my older projects that I have recently revisited. The shop is known for its comfortable, and intimate feel along with its specialty in barista latte art, and a being a gathering place for those that are artistic by nature.

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The No Excuses Foundation

Project Type: Internship / Role: Lead Graphic Design Intern

The No Excuses Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization located in Houston, TX that organizes and hosts well organized and exciting events and such as sporting events, dance team exhibitions, and fashion shows in an effort to fund scholarships that promote the educatiional needs of high school and college students.

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Project Type: Freelance / Role: Graphic Designer

NightMarket is a small, New Hampshire startup in its early stages, with a huge dream. The company intends to take a multi-faceted approach to the creation of, not only a brand, but a culture. They are working diligently to develop software, implement AI platforms, create NFT entities, and promote unity within our society.

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Elevated Craft Brewing

Project Type: Professional Development / Role: Concept Graphic Designer

Elevated Craft Brewing Co. is a high end microbrew in Boulder, CO. Their focus is on quality & consistency within their product line. They offer a full product line that is distributed via can or growler filling stations. Their name incorporates both the location altitude

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PlaneSense, Inc

Project Type: Freelance / Role: Graphic Designer

PlaneSense, Inc., which operates from Portsmouth, NH, is basically a time share company for private planes. They offer two types of aircraft, one with a prop setup and the other with jet engines. Their website describes the company as follows: “he PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership program allows you all the luxury and benefits of private aircraft ownership without the hassle of managing the operations of an aircraft.

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Grindhouse Espresso Bar

Project Type: Professional Development / Role: Concept Graphic & Web Designer

The Grindhouse Espresso Bar, a themed coffee shop based in San Francisco, CA, finds its niche within the context of the grindhouse movie genre. They offer a full café menu along with brunch selections, sandwiches, and limited bar service.

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Misc. Projects

Project Type: Various / Role: Graphic Designer

This section of the portfolio is basically just a few items that just didn't belong in any of the other branding sections. I've included a few rebranding concepts for both large and small scale businesses, a few logo concepts, a small collection of digital art, and a couple other odds and ends.

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About Me



Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Josh Story, and I am a lover of all things art and design. I've spent about ten years working as a respiratory therapist at Arkansas Children's Hospital. While there are many benefits that surround a career in the healthcare industry, I have always felt a need to create. As a hobbyist, I've spent much of my time working with graphic design, visual art, music composition / production, sound design, animation, and web design. So, I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in the field of design.

I completed a BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts in March 2021 and am now involved in multiple internships in both graphic and web design. I picked up graphic art as a hobby about three years ago and fell in love with Photoshop and Illustrator. I enjoy working in a digital environment because limitations rarely exist beyond the artist's or designer's own creative process and skill level, though organic tools can be nice, too! The creative process has always brought about a sense of calm and clarity no matter the circumstances.

A bit about my personal life: my wife, Katie, and I live in central Arkansas. We are homebodies, for the most part, but we do enjoy going out for a nice meal once in a while! We do love to travel to new places, see new sights, and take in new things. The world is packed full of opportunities to explore!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me, but please know... This was never about me, this was always about YOU!

Best Regards,

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