PlaneSense, Inc.

Project Type: Freelance
Role: Graphic Designer

  • Web / Social Graphics
  • Print Ready Materials
  • HTML Email Constructs

PlaneSense, Inc., which operates from Portsmouth, NH, is basically a time share company for private planes. They offer two types of aircraft, one with a prop setup and the other with jet engines.

Their website describes the company as follows: “he PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership program allows you all the luxury and benefits of private aircraft ownership without the hassle of managing the operations of an aircraft. All aircraft, maintenance, pilots, owner services and operations are in-house, not subcontracted. This ensures you are provided with flights, when and where you need them, highly trained pilots, safe and reliable aircraft, flexibility, and exceptional customer service at a competitive cost, saving you valuable time and money.”

The senior graphic designer at PlaneSense was, at the time, enrolled at SNHU (my alma mater), in pursuit of her BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts. Meanwhile, the company was expanding westward into Nevada, and she was a little overloaded. The dean at SNHU sent her my way for a little assistance. The work here was basic; it included simple holiday graphics, recruitment handouts with FAQ sections, and the construction of HTML email that where much the same as the handouts.

Project Examples

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The Company Preference vs. My Rough Draft

Prior to receiving this layout, I had already created a master page, and started working on the first document in InDesign. Honestly, the given layout looks like it was created in Microsoft Word, in my opinion. I would just be interested to note the opinions of others. This is an a/b comparison, though my document was far from formatted regarding the typography (leading, kerniing, ragged edges, and so on…). Although this is an unfinished and unrefined draft, I feel that, as a recruitment document, this should make me want to contact the company with high hopes for employment, and I honestly feel that my general design provokes that feeling in a more effected manner. Obviously some would disagree, and I never had the opportunity to hear the argument for the submitted document; I would very much like to hear from those who would choose the first so that their words may be taken into consideration.