The Grindhouse
Espresso Bar

Project Type: Professional Development
Role: Concept Graphic / Web Designer

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Set
  • Print Materials
  • Website Design
  • Packaging & Merch Design

The Grindhouse Espresso Bar, a themed coffee shop based in San Francisco, CA, finds its niche within the context of the grindhouse movie genre. They offer a full café menu along with brunch selections, sandwiches, and limited bar service. They pride themselves on quality products and a unique culture.

The underlying culture of the shop is fully revealed via an eclectic collection of grindhouse movie memorabilia and collectible displays, themed product naming schemes, and a small screening room dedicated to the genre. They host a classic grindhouse movie marathon on Friday nights featuring original film projections, when available. The atmosphere is dimly lit and grungy in appearance, alluding to the typical presence experienced when viewing these cult-classic films.

Project Examples

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Logo Design

I wanted the logo to be, primarily typographical. I chose a very grungy, jagged typeface that took little time to work into shape. I, then included a coffee cup handle on the U and used three slashes to represent steam. This coffee cup with slash marks became the abbreviated version of the logo, which then lent itself to be further abbreviated by excluding the cup and simplifying the mark to a basic slasher icon.

Stationery Set

This is just a simple mockup of brand identity and logo usage. I've included business cards, letterhead, envelope, and ink-pen mockups. The graphic elements are consistent throughout, pulling each piece together as a single unit. The stationery set for this brand also includes, hole-punch, rewards cards that would reward patrons with a free beverage after six purchases.


Print Ready Materials

For this project, I created a full front/back beverage menu including themed drink names, a double-sided table tent with a limited brunch and lunch/dinner menu, customer loyalty program description, and advertisement for the Friday night grindhouse movie marathons. I also included a rewards program poster/sticker with a QR code for a quick and easy signup.


In-Store Signage

This mockup was heavily edited in Photoshop to achieve the basic aesthetic envisioned for Grindhouse. The signs minimal to ensure that they are easily read and understood to keep the line moving! The mockup includes a counter sign, register emblem, and primary menu. The table tent and rewards program designs are displayed here as this would be a prime location for rewards cards.


Website Design

This is my concept for the Grindhouse website. The structure is basic, and the feel is akin to that of the shop. The element the bottom right is a video ad for the Friday night movie marathons. From the modal, click the NEXT button to view the embedded video. The animation includes original sound design created in Albeton Live. Sound on! (If your environement allows)


Packaging & Merchandise

As you can see, this mockup includes to-go containers for food and beverages along with a few simple designs for coffee mugs and a small button. I felt that this type of niche business could easily develop a following and would likely do well with merchandising. For advertising purposes, I adhered to brand styling.


Clothing Design

Finally, I decided to include a hoodie and baseball cap design for Grindhouse. These are pretty basic, and again, adhere to the style of the brand. Perhaps even more than the coffee mugs, this product line could serve as both a retail asset and as a valuable marketing tool.