Amethyst Bay
Resort & Spa

Project Type: Educational - Digital Imaging
Role: University Student

  • Magazine Ad
  • Animated Web Banner
  • Re-Brand Logo - Concept
  • Re-Worked as 3 Part Ad Campaign

Amethyst Bay Resort and Spa was an educational project submitted as my final for basic digital imaging. Amethyst Bay is a newly established luxury resort and spa that seeks to strengthen their customer base through an aggressive ad campaign in both web and print formats.

The final project for this course consisted of the creation of both a single page magazine ad and an animated web banner to advertise promotional content. I have since reworked the project as a multi-page magazine ad campaign titled "Re-Imagine". Both the reworked project and the original submission are viewable here.

Project Examples

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Print Ad Campaign

I've included a mockup of both the original promotion that was submitted for my final project, as well as a three-piece advertising campaign titled “Re-Imagine”. The later was just a means of professional development, but I was much happier with the result!


Promotions Full Page View

Animated Web Banner

The web banner was submitted along with the print ad for my final project as a .gif file. It is a bit long for that format takes some time to load, so I decided to present it here as a mockup video created in After Effects. I have preloading turned off so that the rest of the page does not slow down, so please bear with me if you choose to play the animation!