Pasta Amoré

Project Type: Educational - Desktop Publishing
Role: University Student

  • Full Menu
  • Beverage Menu
  • Table Tent
  • Z-Fold Brochure

Pasta Amore is a first rate, no fuss, Italian restaurant chain that prides themselves on the quality of their product and a welcoming atmosphere for their patrons. It also happens to be the subject of my final project submission for my Desktop Publishing course.

I received a style guide, including logos & usage, the brand color palette, defined fonts, along with the company vision and mission statement. I was tasked with the creation of a two-page minimum restaurant menu, table tent (same image on both sides), and a brochure for this brand within the context of Adobe InDesign.

Pasta Amore's mission statement is as follows: "To provide a warm atmosphere for your family where we can share the traditional cuisines of Italy. Our food will always be fun, fresh and filled with love." My goal was to fully embrace this ideal, while presenting a well formatted layout for all print deliverables in a print ready PDF format.

Project Examples

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