Project Type: Freelance
Role: Graphic Designer

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Set
  • Print Materials
  • Website Mockups
  • Rebranding Materials

NightMarket is a small, New Hampshire startup in its early stages, with a huge dream. The company intends to take a multi-faceted approach to the creation of, not only a brand, but a culture. They are working diligently to develop software, implement AI platforms, create NFT entities, and promote unity within our society. Unfortunately, they ran into an issue with their domain, and we are currently working to rebrand the company as uNight, but more on that later! For now, let's see NightMarket as it was.

The mission statement of NightMarket is as follows: “To build a community for independent brands, artists, streetwear, and sneaker resellers to collaborate and scale their business with top of the line software.” Their plan for the implementation of this mission statement read: “by creating a community of collaboration and innovation within the night market team and among the design of the platform.”

Project Examples

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Stationery Set

I kept the design very simple for the stationery items and brand identity. I've included business cards, letterhead, envelope, and ink-pen mockups. I must admit that I do enjoy the old, watermarked logo trick, this is present on all included pieces. I feel that the brand is pulled together well in this set, and I enjoy the low contrast, almost grayscale nature of the palette.


Print Ready Materials

This poster, designed to promote a for charity festival to be hosted by NightMarket, was set up for commercial printing via PDF but never made it to the shop as the event was delayed. The founder had recently sent a random, simple doodle of an astronaut holding a balloon, and I decided to elaborate on that. NightMarket embraces space as a primary theme from here on out.


Website Mockups

This is where the space theme begins to become apparent. I created a version that would adhere to branding guidelines, but this was simply not an option. They had already been working with the idea, which is quite complex in terms of web dev. I was asked to create a minimal space-craft interior to overlay an illustrative space background along with a HUD for info display on each planet.


Switching Gears!

As I mentioned before, Nightmarket was unable to obtain a domain, at least within the context of proper SEO. This ultimately led to the decision to more or less, start from scratch. I have recently (January 2022) been working with them on getting a rebrand together under the name uNight. Though, I regret the time and effort that they have put into NightMarket, I honestly believe that this is a better name for the brand and as such, comes with a stronger branding platform.

Their small, but dedicated team plans to implement the company in much the same way, using space as their primary theme. Given the broad spectrum of services and products that they intend to develop, I foresee a need to use uNight as an umbrella that oversees several other brands that would need separate branding packages, though, it is given that this decision is not mine to make.

Finalizing the Logo

This is where we landed on the logo. This involved a lot of typography edits, the font is only available in 900, italic style. I thinned it out, cut out a few extra spaces, lowered contrast, and rounded outer corners, and ajusted kerning to get this look. Despite our differring opinions on a few things, I have a happy client! The style and usage guide was just delivered, and then on to the next thing!